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JHU Postdoc Ilias Cholis leads paper indicating antimatter is not dark matter

by Edwin Cartlidge
March 6, 2017

JHU Postdoc Ilias Cholis in collaboration with Dan Hooper (Fermilab) and Tim Linden (Ohio State) recently reported cosmic-ray positron excess, suggested to be a signature of dark matter, could be accounted for by positron acceleration by pulsars.

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APL’s David Van Wie elected to the National Academy of Engineering

by Paulette Campbell
February 15, 2017

David Van Wie, an internationally renowned expert in aerospace engineering at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

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Space-enthusiast Barbara Mikulski joins Johns Hopkins Faculty!

by Dennis O'Shea
January 12, 2017

Five-term U.S. senator from Maryland who spent four decades in Congress named professor of public policy, presidential adviser.

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Johns Hopkins APL provides key instruments for NASA’s new ‘Discovery’ missions

by Michael Buckley
January 9, 2017

Scientists and engineers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory will provide instruments on NASA’s two newest missions, which will explore asteroids near Jupiter. Both Discovery-class missions were selected to explore these relics from the earliest history of the solar system, less than 10 million years after the birth of our sun.

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Data from New Horizons reveal Pluto and Charon are anything but dead balls of rock

by Dale Keiger
December 1, 2016

The spacecraft New Horizons sped past Pluto and its moons on July 14, 2015, gathering data from seven on-board instruments. In late October, the last of the data gathered during the flyby reached Earth, and mission scientists from the Applied Physics Laboratory and the Southwest Research Institute have begun to draw some conclusions.

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