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Statement of Purpose

Space@Hopkins connects the array of Johns Hopkins University divisions, departments, and collaborative institutions in their common pursuit of civilian space research.

We aim to highlight the breadth and depth of JHU’s efforts in space-related activities in order to foster collaborations amongst university-affiliated researchers and to provide access to new space-related partnerships.

It is also our desire to excite current and prospective students about the ample space-related research opportunities across campus, and to provide members of the public with a gateway to the diverse JHU space effort.

Meet the Team

Dr. Charles L. Bennett

Space@Hopkins Director

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

APL Senior Scientist

Alumni Centennial Professor

Gilman Scholar

Erini Lambrides

Former Space Fellow

PhD Student

Kirsten Hall

Space Fellow

PhD Candidate

Jon Schroeder

Media Communications Associate

Space@Hopkins Advisory Board

Dr. Andrew Feinberg

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Gilman Scholar

Director, Center for Epigenetics

Mental Health

Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Joseph Katz

William F. Ward Sr. Distinguished Professor

Gilman Scholar

Director, Center for Environmental Applied Fluid Mechanics

Kurt Lindstrom

Civil Space Mission Area Executive

Former NASA Senior Planetary Program Executive and Director, NASA Management Office at JPL

Adam Riess

Nobel Laureate

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Gilman Scholar

Physics & Astronomy

Earth & Planetary Sciences

Space Telescope Science Institute

Darrell Strobel

Earth & Planetary Sciences

Physics & Astronomy

Principal Professional Staff, APL

Gerard P. Kuiper Prize recipient

Co-Investigator on New Horizons Pluto Kuiper-Belt Mission

Interdisciplinary Scientist for Aeronomy, Cassini-Huygens Mission